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How Access Control Systems Make Security Stronger

If you’re considering adding or upgrading an access control system, Hi-Tech is an ideal partner to work with you. We have installed many systems over the years, and we have seen first hand the benefits they provide both to the property owner and to everyone on site. There are many factors to consider when designing your system, and our electricians can work though different scenarios with you.

Better For Employees. Access control systems are convenient for employees from multiple angles. From the moment they enter the property, access control cards make entry into specified areas easy. If there are multiple different entry points (parking lots, front doors, specific security rooms) employees can have one card that opens the way for them. If circumstances change, and access needs to be expanded or rescinded, a tech can quickly make those changes without needing the card – or “key” present.

Better For Employers & Property Owners. Employers and / or property owners appreciate the convenience of access control systems and the data they provide. Old school metal keys always have a knack of getting lost, and are costly to replace. When lost, they also triggered a costly rekeying process. Some also required multiple versions to access varied locations. A programmed key card is cheaper and more flexible. Employers can also retain data on individual key cards to help track employees as they arrive, depart, or move between buildings / rooms.

Better For Everyone. Access Control Systems are better for everyone onsite when they help control who is allowed on the property at any given time. This valuable safety feature is especially important in high security facilities that need to protect against intruders. In the event of an industrial accident, there are records of who is in the building and need to be accounted for.

Contact us today, and our commercial electricians will work with you to design an intuitive access control system.

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