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Select a Commercial Electrician With a Wide Range of Capabilities

When you choose Hi-Tech Electric for your commercial construction, our commercial electricians and electricians partner with you for the duration of your project. From blueprints through to the final setup of your IT server, our wide range of services helps you complete your building as quickly and smoothly as possible. When you go with one shop to deliver all of your electrical needs – everything from the power in your outlets, to the lighting, to the access controls, and the fiber optic cabling – you don’t have to coordinate multiple contractors to get your job done. And with Hi-Tech’s experience, you know we’ll help you anticipate your future needs too.

Consolidate Your Power Needs. When you’re planning commercial construction, you have specialized issues for your licensed electrician to tackle. We routinely work with lighting and power distribution, building automation, security systems, even production line automation. We leverage our broad range of abilities to your construction project so that all of your needs are coordinated.

One Source Makes Construction Smoother. If you’ve ever dealt with coordinating multiple contractors, you understand the benefits of using one contractor for multiple components. Our commercial contractors will look for opportunities to save time and money by working on different components concurrently.

Leave Room For Future Growth. Another benefit of going with an established shop is that we can help you look ahead and leave room growth. We’ve completed enough new construction and remodels in the last 3 decades that we can identify likely areas where you’ll need to leave room for expansion. Design and install modern networks that are flexible enough for today and tomorrow.

If you want to work with a single source commercial electrical contractor, contact Hi-Tech Electric. We’re ready to sit down with you and review your plans to make the execution of your project as effective and seamless as possible.