Priva Controls Integrator

To get your crops growing properly and with optimum efficiency, you need to have accurate control of your greenhouse.

Process, climate, light & CO2, irrigation and operation can all be automated. They need to be effectively adjusted to one another, and preferably as accurately as possible.The more accurately you can control your operation, the more beneficial this is for your crops. Priva systems are not individually-operating systems and applications. Priva integrates the following controls and sensors into one easy to use system:


        • Temperature & Humidity Controls
        • Light Sensors
        • Co2 Meters
        • Vent Sensors
        • Water Temperature Sensors
        • EC and pH Sensors
        • Weather Stations
        • Fertilizer Dosing
        • Water Reclamation

To choose Priva is to opt for a total solution, one that really does let you link and control all of the processes and systems in your business; allowing your crops to grow perfectly, just like your business.

Hi-Tech Electric Company has over 25 years of experience as a Priva Controls Integrator serving Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Iowa.  We have partnered with Priva to offer process, climate, water, and energy solutions for your project.  Whether it is sales and installation of a new Priva system, or service of your existing system, Hi-Tech Electric can provide the expertise needed for your operation to be as energy efficient as it can be.

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